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Southern Barbeque Dreams: A Review of Smok Denver

When I first heard about Smok moving in to my favorite collective marketplace in RiNo, the Source, I kept my hopes in check. Colorado and barbeque go together about as well as your grandma and her smartphone.

We just don't get it.

The verdict? Our hands are sticky and our mouths are full and it doesn't feel like Georgia, but it feels like Colorado has figured out barbeque, in it's own style.

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I Am Sweet, But I'm Also Salty: An Ode to Salted Oreo Ice Cream

There is ice cream, and then there is Little Man’s Salted Oreo.

It doesn’t get better than that salty punch, followed by the sweet creaminess of Oreo insides, ended by the chocolaty cookie crunch, all in a waffle cone. It’s worth waiting in an hour line for.

Some of my best friends are adamant that salty and sweet do not belong together.

I am here to wholeheartedly disagree.

Salted Oreo is the validation I’ve search for for my entire life.

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