I Am Sweet, But I'm Also Salty: An Ode to Salted Oreo Ice Cream

I am, admittedly, eating cookie dough ice cream in this photo because they were out of Salted Oreo.

I am, admittedly, eating cookie dough ice cream in this photo because they were out of Salted Oreo.

When it comes to ice cream, in my opinion there is no discussion.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream in all forms. I’ll eat it from a soft serve machine, in a bar from the gas station freezer case, with black olives and goat cheese mixed in. I’m there.

There is ice cream, and then there is Little Man’s Salted Oreo.

It doesn’t get better than that salty punch, followed by the sweet creaminess of Oreo insides, ended by the chocolaty cookie crunch, all in a waffle cone. It’s worth waiting in an hour line for.

Some of my best friends are adamant that salty and sweet do not belong together.

I am here to wholeheartedly disagree.

Salted Oreo is the validation I’ve search for for my entire life.

I am an inherently indecisive person.

When faced with a salad bar, or a restaurant with a create-your-own-burger order pad, I can never stick with a theme and always end up with fruit covered in ranch dressing, or mushrooms and barbecue sauce on a burger.

Being indecisive is seen as a weakness by others. Often times, it can be. I get paralyzed by making a decision and don’t make one at all and end up going to King Sooper’s at 10pm because I couldn’t decide where to order food from before all the restaurants closed.

But Salted Oreo is proof that you do not have to choose.

One can be both salty and sweet.

Like sunshine warming up your back on a frigid chairlift.

Like the beautiful melancholy of a childhood memory.

Like eating ice cream in a down jacket.

Like breakfast for dinner.

Like gangster rap and farmers markets.

Like sneakers and ballgowns.

The juxtaposition of two opposites colliding is infinitely more beautiful than a mouthful of chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, chocolate cream or a mouthful of salty fries, salty ranch, salty, salty, salty.

Why is it so stunning when the mountains meet the sea? When a flower pushes it’s way through the cracks in a sidewalk?

Because there is beauty in diversity.

We live in a world of labels.

You are White or Black. Democrat or Republican. Straight or Gay. Liberal or Conservative. Introverted or Extroverted. Millennial or Baby Boomer. Outdoorsy or Not.

We find ourselves choosing sweet or choosing salty.

0803-2019-022263922665087287548 (1).jpeg

Growing up, I had a friend who said she was a tomboy. She did NOT wear dresses. She climbed trees.

I loved dressing up for church. But I also loved to climb trees.

I wasn’t a girly girl, but I also wasn’t a tomboy.

I never wanted to choose a label.

I wanted to make my own cheese and listen to pop music.

I wanted to wear fishnets and shred the slopes.

And, this year, I realized that I wanted to be outdoorsy and spend way too much time in the kitchen.

I am sweet, but I am also salty.

And I do not have to choose.

I can be feminine, and swear like a sailor. I can make my own pasta and I can climb mountains. I can be bossy, and I can be introverted.

Maybe, that’s a lot to put on to a scoop of ice cream.

But it is a life-changing scoop of ice cream. Maybe get a double.

You can order Salted Oreo at Little Man Ice Cream, 2620 16th St. Denver, CO 80211