Mikaela ruland

Hi, I’m Mikaela and I believe my purpose is to inspire others to get outside and experience life while protecting the wild places I love to play in.

I’m a proud millennial - give me all the hipster coffee shops, adventure hats, pop-up markets and experiences over things.

I was also born and raised to be an outdoorswoman. I love to hike, ski, climb, snowshoe, canoe, practice yoga outside, you name it.

I’m a freelance writer, with my work having been featured in both print and digital (see my portfolio here) and am the face behind most of the words you see here.

Other things you should probably know about me: I love mac n’ cheese, I hate pants, I think I’m addicted to vitamin D, I went to school for International Affairs and am fascinated my the the Middle East and terrorism, I’m always scheming and dreaming about trips I want to take, I’m great at dreaming, terrible at follow through (hence why, after six-months of marriage, I still haven’t changed my name), I love stoner music and early 2000’s pop punk, I’m an introvert, I’ve known my husband since we were kids and we started dating at 17 (that’s him below, isn’t he cute?), I work at a company which helps people plan national park vacations, I love to cook and spend way too much time reading cooking magazines and food blogs and I’ve had my dog since I was twelve and she’s the best adventure buddy ever at now thirteen years old.

The Millennial Outside is the juxtaposition of my identities - a juxtaposition I know that many of you share. You can read more about our brand philosophy here.

Image by Coldiron Photography


topher yanagihara

My name is Topher, you can probably see that because you can read. Or maybe you cant and you’re very, very lost. A little bit about me: I’m older than I think but not as young as I was. I’m still in school and time will tell if I’ll ever not be. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have any passions in life, but I do have ideas, lots and lots of ideas. Ideas about the outside, how we should treat it what we should do with it. Ideas about life how we should live it, and what we should do with it. Ideas about people, how we should live and live together. Ideas about things, places, ideas, stories. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and life is a game of calvinball, no rules. I hope maybe you come along with Mikaela and myself and we can show you what things mean to us, and maybe what they should mean to you too.

Image by Coldiron Photography